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University of Pennsylvania Nearby Apartments--Available List

Move-In Info


Important Information for Moving In

Your New Address Is:
For Fairfax
Your Name
4247 Locust Street
Apartment #
Philadelphia, PA 19104
For Garden Court Plaza
Your Name
4701 Pine Street
Apartment #
Philadelphia, PA 19143
You do not have to order Gas or Electric for either building
Gas for cooking is included at the Fairfax.
You will be billed for electric by the building you live in about the 25th of each month. You pay your electric bill to the same place you send your rent. Your account will be set up automatically, no need to do anything.
Important Numbers
Telephone Company Verizon-1-800-494-4000 (out of State)
                                                       215-571-7050 (Phillly)
T-1 Lines Campus Technology   215-243-5100
              Campus Technology also offers TV cable and Phone service
Urban Cable                                 215-581-6100
Campus Escort Service                 215-898-7433
Plaza Front Desk                           215-747-2702
Fairfax Front Desk                         215-382-2000
Rental Office                                 215-748-3339